The BATL website is currently under construction, however our upcoming events are listed below, we look forward to seeing you soon!

BATL offers tours throughout the year, typically the second Saturday of every month. Sign up below, spaces are limited!!!

June 11th 10am, the Frontlines Walking Tour , an offshoot of our original and "staple" tour offering, The Front Lines Walking Tour travels along the front lines and to other focal points in historic East Atlanta, providing a comprehensive yet localized view of the Battle along  its most contested land. Attendees will hear the human stories of the battle as well as get a sense of the troop movements from our trained tour guide. Many find this tour led by Georgia Battlefields Association member and BATL volunteer Mary Elizabeth Ellard particularly interesting when looking at the East Atlanta today as the historic ground continues to change. Please note that these tours last approx. 1hr 30min.  The tour starts in front of the coffee shop at the corner of Flat Shoals Avenue and Glenwood Avenue SE.

Coming Soon July 23rd , a new Civil War to Civil Rights tour led by Henry Bryant will be offered by BATL at 4:30pm.  The tour will meet and start in the parking lot at Crim High School near the corner of Clifton St. and Memorial Drive. Hear about the historical events important to the Civil Rights struggle in our city, state, and nation that happened at sites along the walk in this tour.  You will also see the point where the Union Army was encamped and where the Confederate Army arrived to challenge them.  You will also visit the site where one of the two Generals killed in the early moments of the Battle of Atlanta was shot, as well as the place where the Battle of Atlanta began.  The easy walk will take about an hour and a half .  If the parking lot near Memorial Drive is closed to vehicles park along Clifton or in the parking lot at the church across from the school.

BATL's Mission
BATL seeks to connect residents and visitors to Southeast Atlanta’s past; and promote learning through cultural tourism. The BATL event is a showcase for the diverse contributions of Atlantans to our communities since the Civil War, and highlights the roles of African Americans and women.

BATL also supports the implementation of a multi-purpose, interpretive trail connecting the neighborhoods of East Atlanta and Kirkwood.

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